Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Land of the Not so Free-Part 2

Continuing on "Land of the Not so Free"! This article really hit me in the thinking process and "I really am not good at thinking!" The Government wants too charge us for the use of federal lands and I don't think it's fair to families who work hard at their job. Why?? How many children do we see from the poor families who can't afford to put their children in Boy or Girls scouts or even send them to Camp. At least they knew they could go on some public lands and camp for a night or two without paying for the space.
   I guess I always made my own way when I was younger; at the age of 14; a group of us boys from not so affluent families would get together with our tents and gear and go out and spend a couple nights on public lands. The affluent would take 2-3 summer camping vacations with their parents or go on Boy or Girl Scouts camping trips. This is how we compensated for it!
   It seems like any type of actual physical recreation has to be only affordable to the affluent now! And we wonder why the kids commit so much crime; both parents in the traditional family work and don't have time for family camping; so the kids belong to Boy or Girl scouts.; most single parents work to make expenses to just survive and aren't concerned with recreation and the kids may get to church camp if they are fortunate.
   But the rest of the kids are left on their own and their idea of having fun is hanging out on the street. I have had discussions with youth over the years who revealed some of their real life experiences where they are influenced to do crime. Being threatened; sometimes with their life if they refuse. Some join gangs willingly as they believe it is the only feeling of having a family who cares about them!
    As an amateur writer I could have taken this topic about anywhere. I chose this as I believe our children are worth every bit of our time. I just hope over the years I have been benefited some of the youth I had the opportunity to have serious discussions with! I don't explain to them what to do. I give them choices and tell them the repercussions of bad decisions; giving them the opportunity to have a voice; and letting them choose. I believe most have!

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