Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Present Day Feelings!

I made a mistake when I said I was transferred to the Cadyville School. I actually went back to the parochial school and had my class changed to a different nun teacher.

Now I want to post a bit about my recent experiences. I have been a member of RV Dreams Community Forum since 2009 if my memory serves me right. Recently some folks I correspond with had joined about 18 months back. I was moved to tears last evening as I read about the health dillemma of the husband. Yes; we are getting older and something like this hits home as I had to do the same in August 2012.

We are survivors though as we will do what needs to be done to have some enjoyment of our final years of life! The question that came to mind was: "How come when one's mind feels so young; that the body has to wear out; ot vice-versa?"

I was diagnosed in July of 2013 with Congestive Heart Failure; Death of the left ventricle heart muscle-(Cardiomyopathy); Angina; lack of fresh oxygenated blood returning to my body properly-(Ischemia); and possible bronchitis and emphysema-(COPD). Survivor of an Acute ST elevated Myocardial Infarction-(Severe heart attack); there was nothing so damned CUTE about it! I smoked cigareetes ( The Marlboro Man & Joe Camel had a big influence on Me!!! Also Smoking in the Boy's Room was cool back then. Also after joining Uncle Sam's Army; I took up drinking alcohol--got a degree in it--; LOL! I was 20 and 37 by the time I quit. You wern't a man if you didn't drink with your Army buds!!!

Quitting the alcohol was a challenge as I stopped for over 7 years; then went on a binge for 4 months before I finally stopped for good; don't think the thought of a "Cold One" doesn't exist now; but it's iced tea or lemon aid.

Is CHF-(Lipid Blockages) a death sentence!! The Name of it sure sounds like it, Was told it was also known as Coronary Artery Disease-(Hyperlipidemia)  high tryglycerides; and Hardening of the Arteries-(Smoking).

Now for the cigarettes; I tried unsucessfully four times that I recollect; may have been more. Finally the heart attack quelled that the 30th of March; that morning I had the last two drags on them "Coffin Nails". I had been told by many including a boss when I was 15; "Those THINGS will  add to the "Nails" in your Coffin"; Eddie!! I laughed then; but he wasn't joking!!

It can be very easy to slip back into them old habits as I like being around people and more have these habits than the one's who don't. Like Kenny Rogers song; The Gambler; "you have to know when to hold 'em; know when to fold 'em; know when to "Walk away and know when to run"!!!
Where was I going with this; sometimes I believe I suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder also. OMG; the Maladies we suffer.

This is it: I wanted to share about the "new to me" 1996 Western Rec. Vehicle  "DREAMER" 5th wheel Camper I bought. It is 34' long has a super slide with the dining table and a queen hide-a-bed sofa. Also a smaller slide in the Master Bedroom. Did I say Camper; this is a home on wheels. Previously I owned a tent; truck camper; travel trailers and two Van Campers-Cl-C's one 21' and then the last was a 26 footer.

This is super for a guy who will have his last years in a bit of luxury before I have to meet with my Creator; not the Grim Reaper!!! "I believe I worked in some very lousy low paying jobs with some very unapreciative 'Greedy employers' and this is the way "MY GOD"  gave me a nicer place to live with some very kind and caring people!"

                                                                 This is the end of another chapter!!!