Friday, December 5, 2014

Can't Win them All!

  I had decided to leave an RV Forum that I had been a member of since about 2009. It had changed so much since I began. I made a comment in good gesture and was made to feel like an intruder to one of the newer members. Had posted with this person a few times before but his time I must of stepped over some boundaries as the party she was talking too had some troubles other than pertaining to just their RV.
   Oh Well! It was time to say goodbye anyhow as I don't have much in common with people just starting to make a choice for RV Living; or being helpful with questions about their RV.

   The holidays are upon us once again; a busy time for everyone; exception for me as I moved away from family many years back for personal reasons. Maybe some day I'll discuss it!

 I've been busy making repairs to the 5th wheel camper I bought; Purchased and installed a new water heater about a month back; the old one had corroded and dripped water. Also fixed some lighting; installed a roof vent in the kitchen to replace a leaking one. Now I am saving up for a new Air conditioner for the summer season as it gave up the ghost two weeks before the hot weather subsided. I have also the need for a new converter/battery charger and house battery. Is it worth it??? I believe as I'm living in it and the total expense is less than half of the book value for the year it is! I also have skirted the underside from the winter chill; bought an infra-red heater to assist the furnace and a heated blanket. Should be 'snug as a bug in a rug this season!!! LOL!