Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Just who and the Hell do the Feds think they are!!!

Was reading a post this morning on the RV Dreams forum which really raised my hackles! Congress wants to pass a bill which will introduce fees on Federal lands which were reserved for the use of the American citizens. It is Posted on Community Chat.under Land of the not so Free.

I was drafted in Dec. 1970 and could have deserted the US as I lived only 19 miles south of Canada.  As being born and raised here with honor and respect for this great Nation I made the decision to enlist. Here is my reasoning as a Vietnam Era US Army Veteran: As a soldier like so many others we defended our Country to preserve it's liberties and justice for all American Citizens and the vast land we live on and it's use.

This bill is being brought in through the back door with the US citizens not even given the opportunity to vote on it. We have lost so many of our freedoms to The Patriot Act; it doesn't seem to have any effect on the citizens of this once Great Nation. The Government is leading us around like a herd of sheep awaiting the slaughterhouse.

What we need to do is stay more informed through the different information channels; not get defensive or violent. But be on the offense and let our voices be heard that; "Government For The People" really has that meaning!!! DO ME AND YOUR COUNTRY'S CITIZENS A BIG FAVOR AND STAY INFORMED AND VOTE AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN!!!!

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